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Material Handler

Department: Production
Location: Wooster, OH

Duties and Accountabilities


  1. Unload and receive all inks, substrates, and consumables. Involves communication with drivers and such as coordinating unloading locations, positioning on dock, etc.
  2. Inspect goods for damage prior to signing and receiving,
  1. Submit packing lists to Purchasing & Inventory Assistant so received inventory will be entered into PACE. Communicate any discrepancies.
  2. Tag and clearly label all in-stock items. Print Inventory description tags out of PACE unless the arriving material is clearly labeled on the outside of the packaging, inside of the packaging, and inside the core.
  3. Put away all goods in their specific locations, e.g.: racks, carts, shelves, cabinets, etc., throughout the shop.
  4. Supply printers and fabrication department with the appropriate amount of necessary goods.
  5. Keep consumables, e.g.: shipping boxes, grommets, webbing, seaming tape, beadings, duct tape, hi-res supplies, welding tapes and foam, organized and in specific locations.
  6. Ensure all locations are clearly labeled with PACE Inventory IDs, and descriptions.
  7. Ensure all goods are consumed using First In First Out (FIFO)
  8. Ensure employees are utilizing drop/end rolls whenever possible.
  9. Assign materials to specific jobs.
  10. Re-assign older unused priority panels.
  11. Clean up end rolls of materials if employees are unsure what to do with material.
  12. Create and post guidelines for scrap. Responsible for communicating to employees what can and cannot be scrapped.
  13. Label end rolls of material with the actual amount of material remaining on the roll. Weld lead and tails on shorter rolls when applicable. Use CutSmart website transitioning to the new end roll app being created.
  1. Complete of month-end physical inventory. Ensure inventoried material in PACE matches exactly what is on the floor. Reports errors or discrepancies to Inventory and Compliance Manager.
  2. Train employees on material handling technical and advise employees where to put materials back upon job completion.
  3. Clearly label, organize and coordinate recyclable PE and vinyl Gaylord boxes.
  4. Organize and coordinate recyclable plastics, tubes, cores, and corrugated boxes. Load outbound trucks with recyclables.
  1. Organize and maintain inbound pallets from received goods. Communicate with shipping on what they’ll need for reuse on outbound and recycle or throw away extras.
  2. Notify Inventory and Compliance Manager of any stock or potential outage situations.
  3. Keeps accurate records of all work completed.
  4. Create sample books for sales force. Work with Purchasing and Inventory Assistant to acquire necessary supplies for sample books.
  5. Keeps work areas clean.

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